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This Is Us in the News! (Clients and L2L)

What Sets Us Apart

Latin Ready Assessment is a proprietary registered tool developed by L2L to evaluate how effectively a company is managing its multicultural marketing, with a specific focus on the Hispanic market.


This tool is designed to provide valuable insights and recommendations, based on the findings, to enhance the company's outreach and engagement strategies with the Hispanic market.

By utilizing the Latin Ready Assessment tool, Latin2Latin aims to empower businesses to connect more authentically with the Hispanic market, thereby enhancing brand loyalty and market share within this important demographic.


What Sets Us Apart

We have joined forces with Digo to offer a one-stop solution for clients seeking innovative ways to reach diverse market segments.


Our partnership combines expertise in strategic marketing, multicultural communication, and cutting-edge technology.


With strategic use of traditional and non-traditional media, we position ourselves at the forefront of the US & international multicultural market, driving success for our clients.


Our collaborative L2L/Digo Team has launched groundbreaking campaigns across regions and industries, connecting businesses with diverse audiences and fueling growth in a dynamic market landscape.

Some of Our Recognitions 

& Award-Winning Projects

 It's not just us tooting our own horn!

"I reached out to kick-start an effort to better connect with Spanish-speaking consumers. Our partnership continued to expand with multiple initiatives over the years, which continued to drive our marketing efforts. As the leader of her organization, Mindy is professional, reliable, innovative, considerate and always a step ahead of her partners."

Mike Nassar

Former HairClub President & CEO

"Thank you for making my idea of going into business for myself a reality with the creative marketing that you and your team bring to my business."

Jeffrey Rogers

CEO & Founder

Artisan Bespoke Closets

"United Way reached out to Latin2Latin Marketing and Communications to expand our reach into the community.  Arminda and her team provided a fresh perspective, used data to inform strategy and offered expertise and high-touch support every step of the way.  We now have a great road map and are ready to execute."

Kathleen Cannon


United Way Broward

"Working with a firm like yours was so emotional for me. It just feels so good that we were able to bring messaging from Latinos to Latinos in Kansas."

Ximena García, M.D.

Kansas Acting State Health Officer and Medicaid Medical Director

Our experienced consultants at Latin2Latin bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, and innovation to every project we take on. We utilize our multicultural expertise to develop tailored strategies that meet the unique needs of every client.

With a proven track record of 17 years of success, our award-winning team has made a lasting difference in the communities we serve. From the initial assessment to program implementation, Latin2Latin is dedicated to providing customized solutions that deliver real results.

Your Bridge to

Multicultural Success

When it comes to the Latin market we know how to put the pieces together!

At Latin2Latin, We Talk Latino!

When crafting your market entry strategy or the marketing and communication messaging, it's crucial to ensure that every element aligns seamlessly, forming a cohesive and impactful whole. Each piece of the puzzle must find its rightful place to contribute to a unified and compelling vision.​

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