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The Latin Ready Assessment is our proprietary tool designed to evaluate how effectively your company communicates with the Latino community. This tool employs a comprehensive questionnaire that delves into various aspects of a company's current marketing strategies, messaging, and outreach efforts targeting the Latino demographic. By analyzing the responses, we provide a detailed assessment of the company's current standing in terms of cultural relevance, inclusivity, and resonance within the Latino community.

The questionnaire covers key areas such as language usage, cultural representation, and understanding of Latino values and traditions in marketing materials. Through a meticulous analysis of the data gathered, we offer valuable insights and actionable recommendations. These insights guide companies on how to enhance their multicultural marketing strategy, ensuring that their messaging aligns authentically with the expectations and preferences of the Latino audience.


The Latin Ready Assessment is a powerful tool that empowers companies to refine their approach and build stronger connections with the diverse and influential Latino consumer base.

It all starts with our proprietary tool!




  • Identifies and assesses cultural sensitivity to better understand the key points of tension within the constituent groups served

  • Understand DEI and cultural triggers

  • In-culture and in- language readiness

  • Ensure that the organization is accurately represented by the audience it serves within the community


  • Communicate with tailored messages that directly address the needs of the market

  • Identifies and allocates resources and establishes success metrics for both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring a measurable ROI

  • Identifies and suggests internal champions to actively involve key stakeholders both within and outside the organization

External & Internal Comms

  • Internal alignment across departments

  • Discovers and evaluates emerging or unforeseen factors that affect short-term, medium-term, and long-term ROI

  • Identifies communication gaps between financial goals, performance of each program and results


It all starts with our proprietary tool!

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